Brandy Leaves

Turns out Brandy’s visit benefitted me in a way I never thought about. It became a bit of a vacation for me as well.

Yesterday I spent the better part of the day kid free, shopping with Brandy. I did not manage to take any pictures for the blog, shame on me, but I’m hoping Brandy will send me her’s to help you all with some visuals.

We hit all the stores that I’ve heard 16 year olds would love, American Apparel, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters and H & M.

Turns out it’s not just for 16 year olds. I spent more than Brandy on clothes yesterday!

I also learned lots about today’s youth. Did you know they sell records again? With today’s popular music? And that plaid is in again? Or did it ever go out? And that you can buy a very trendy top for the same price as a sandwich? How is it possible that clothes are so cheap nowadays?

After a morning of shopping we hit one of my favorite sandwich shops from my days in Hong Kong, Pret A Manger and took it over to Millennium Park. Brandy saw Cloud Gate AKA “The Bean” and Crown Fountain, two towers that have images of faces that change every 15 minutes. Right before the faces change, they spit water from their mouths.

We had a laugh about how we’ll never understand modern art. Can you imagine the approval process from the city? “So let me get this right, you want to make a giant bean, and you want to make two fountains of faces spitting water?”

Brandy was even approached to be in a documentary, called Outfit.

Later, we put some of the kids to sleep and left the others with Grandpa to put to sleep. Brandy, Adam and I went over to the East Bank Club for another thing I’ve been wanting to go for ages. We kayaked from the Club over to Navy Pier to see the fireworks.

IMG_5065 IMG_5070

There were a ton of kayaking companies all doing the same thing. It was really cool being on the river, seeing all the buildings. I noticed it seems like it doesn’t matter where you are in the states, boating is the same everywhere, full of a bunch of drunks!

Luckily the river is quite wide. It’s definitely an unusual way to tour the city. I would do it again. Perhaps to take visitors to, our a cool date night with your husband.

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