Sam the Climber

Sometimes when I write these posts about Sam I feel bad for Aaron. Aaron, who is developing like a normal baby, whose accomplishments compared to the older two boys at this age would be a marvel, is swept aside because Sam is doing everything even faster.

In the past week Sam has figured out how to climb EVERYTHING.

It’s crazy. The kid is 13 months old! Jack and Ben weren’t even walking at this age.

At the park he can climb all the play structures and turns himself around and slides down, on his belly, on even the highest slides.

Yesterday I caught him doing this…


He’s turning the lights on and off and turning our central stereo system on as well. Then dancing. He can also climb from that chair to the couch behind him.

This morning I walked away from the kitchen for a second and when I returned…


I have NO IDEA how to baby proof this problem. Should we take away the dining room chairs and stop eating sitting down?

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