Don’t Drink the Water

There is a crazy phenomenon happening in our neighborhood.

At first I thought it was a fluke, but now I realize it’s an unlikely truth.

Let’s start with our building. We live in a 3 flat. Shortly after I moved in, another couple bought the upstairs unit. They were pregnant with twins. Then, after we bought the basement unit we found out the people we bought it from later had twins. Then we had twins.

Now that I’m trying to drop the twins naps from 2 to 1, I’ve been taking them to a small park near my house to keep them awake in the mornings.

Friday morning FOUR sets of twins were there. I thought it was a improbable coincidence. But this morning another FOUR sets of TWINS! Only one set were the same as Friday.

Sam and Aaron with twins Will and Emmitt

Sam and Aaron with twins Will and Emmitt

So, if you are in my neighborhood, don’t drink the water. Unless….well, you know.

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