Drama, Drama, Drama

Ben and I after the show (with his wooden spoon puppet).

Ben and I after the show (with his wooden spoon puppet).

Today both Jack and Ben had school performances with their drama and dance classes.

The first show was a puppet show at Ben’s school. It was early, around 9:30am. So I put the twins in the stroller, filled their trays with snacks, and headed over to Ben’s school.

Ben was standing in line waiting to get on stage when he saw me. He jumped out of line and refused to get back in. He wanted to kiss me. He wanted to crawl into the stroller and kiss the twins. But none of that was communicated by him. Instead, he looked like a crazed kid, kicking and screaming and fighting the teacher to get to us. Finally he kissed us all then I left him, kicking and screaming that he wanted Momma and went to the find a seat.

I couldn’t get a good shot of Ben because he never once stood on stage with the rest of his class. He tried to jump off when he saw me. The teacher had to basically hold him like a straight jacket to keep him there. Finally they realized he was making too much of a fuss and brought him back stage.

I wanted to be angry at him. But I couldn’t because I don’t think he got it. He saw me, he wanted to be with me. He’s three years old. He practiced that song at home all the time. But I don’t think he ever realized why. I told him I was coming to see him in his puppet show, but he still didn’t really get it. Even after they pulled him back stage, this is what I was met with…

Ben saying 'cheese' for the camera.

Ben saying ‘cheese’ for the camera.

I did feel bad for that poor teacher. She was no match for Ben. I’m not sure anyone is.

Later, during the twins nap, I headed over to Jack’s school for his performance. They did 3 numbers. I song with a bunch of xylophones, then a “woodlands” song where they sang then made funny animal sounds. Finally they did a dance number to some 70s music.

Jack walked in with his shirt covering his nose and mouth and for a second I was worried I would have two very poorly behaved kids today. I was starting to wonder what I was doing wrong.

He finally uncovered his face. When I asked him about it later he said he was trying to be funny. I must remember to work on humor with him more.

Jack dancing to 70s music.

Jack dancing to 70s music.

After the performance was over, he and two of his little testosterone laden buddies (Timmy and Luke) started pushing and shoving each other with absolute glee.

I don't think I'll ever understand boys.

I don’t think I’ll ever understand boys.

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