Twin’s One Year Check Up

Adam and I took the twins to get their one year check up today. Both twins had to forgo their shots. Aaron has been running a fever for 3 days and when he arrived at the doctors office it clocked in at 101°. They gave him some liquid medicine, which he refused to swallow, but they some how managed to get down. I know because 10 minutes later I was holding him over the sink as he almost threw it up.

We knew Aaron was sick. But Sam surprised us with another ear infection in the same ear he seems to keep getting them. He has been sleeping through the night and seems pretty happy so we had no idea. They prescribed him a course of antibiotics.

As far as measurements, turns out Sam has overtaken Aaron in weight, but in height Aaron measured taller.

Aaron’s height was 31 in, in the 85%. His weight was 21 lbs 5 oz, in the 50% and his head count was 47 cm, in the 75-90%.

Sam’s height was 30 in, in the 50%. His weight was 22 lbs 8 oz, in the 75% and his head count was 46.2 cm, in the 50%.

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