Hump Day

We are over the hump as of today. Only two more days of spring break.

It’s not that I’m not enjoying the time spent with the older kids. I really am. It’s just that we have so many kids, I am spread so thin that I feel like I never do a good enough job for any of them.

Juggling four kids, even with help, is kind of like a nonstop lesson in time management, learning to work under pressure while you are sleep deprived, and an in depth study on cleaning all rolled in one.

Angelica stayed with the twins so they could nap in the morning in their own cribs while I took the older boys to the park to meet the Cameron’s (and Oscar!).

Catching Oscar's Bubbles.

Catching Oscar’s Bubbles.

It was a weird day weather wise that started warmer then slowly got colder and colder. It was still nice to be outside. But by the end we called the play date a little early. Pam had lost feeling in her toes and my fingers were next. The boys didn’t seem to notice, but there was a lot of running so maybe they weren’t as cold.

Yesterday and this morning were so great that I was falsely starting to feeling very confident. So confident that I told Angelica to take the day off tomorrow. We have someone coming over for a play date so I won’t be alone and she has been trying to buy a new car for weeks now, but can never find the time.

Of course, the minute she leaves, bad things happen. I left Ben alone in the bathroom to poop so I could download some pictures and blog a bit. Bad idea. How many of you have asked me when I find time to blog? Well, sometimes I do it when I shouldn’t.

If you think this is gross, be glad I spared you the photo of his backside.

Poop Art.

If you think this is gross, be glad I spared you the photo of his backside.

Adam came home a little early to take us to dinner. I always love to be taken to dinner. Not cooking is such a treat. And sometimes the left overs give me a twofer.

Still going to dinner with four small children is no easy feat. There is always some point in the meal (normally before the wine kicks in) where Adam and I look at each other with tired eyes and wonder what the hell we were thinking taking four yelling, screaming, spilling, puking kids out in public and asking them to sit quietly.

Adam realized tonight he has to check every bill for gratuity because we are now considered a party of ‘six or more’ and sometimes people add it on without bothering to mention it. That’s us, baby. One big, non-stop party.

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