Jack Turns 6

Opening his birthday card from Adam.

Opening his birthday card from Adam.

This past year has been amazing. I thought turning 5 was great, but watching Jack this past year has been incredible.

Everyone has noticed how much he’s grown, how he’s come out of his shell. How, even though he can still be very particular in his wants and needs (like buying new toys and not wanting to open them), he is much more easy going than he used to be.

This year Jack discovered how much he loves soccer, smash cops on the ipad, and his little baby twin brothers. He loves to try to calm them by singing BINGO at the top of his lungs, rough housing with them, and making them giggle.

Jack relationship with Ben is improving as well. There are still lots of fights, but occasionally I catch them scheming something naughty together or just running the entire length of the house in a fit of laughter.

Birthday Pancakes. By the way, icing will melt on warm stuff...

Birthday Pancakes. By the way, icing will melt on warm stuff…

He always tried to be helpful, but in this past year I’ve noticed he can actually help. If you ask him to do something, he can follow the directions exactly. He’ll often help make muffins or unload groceries at the store for me.

I no longer have to dress him. In fact, he would be offended if I chose his clothes out for him.

Jack started Kindergarden last year and met the kids that will be with him on a journey lasting nine years.

Lunch was gift wrapped. Thanks for the idea Pinterest!

Lunch was gift wrapped. Thanks for the idea Pinterest!

His new school is teaching him to read and work with numbers at a furious pace. Every night when we break out his homework I’m in awe of how quickly he’s learned these new skills, and proud how much he wants to use them over and over again.

Already Jack finds his parents uncool. While other kids will run and jump up, wrapping their arms and legs around their parents, smiling and kissing them with happiness when they pick them up from school, all I get is a grunt and a backpack before he runs ahead of me like I’m not there.

As with last year, butt jokes are still hilarious.

Tonight Jack has requested pizza for dinner so once again I am free from cooking this week!

Happy Birthday Jack!

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