Playing Super Mom

This morning the weather forecast said it was 2°F but feels like -13°F.

A feeling of dread filled the bottom of my belly when I checked it this morning. Adam took the car to the suburbs today for an 8am meeting. I had to get Ben to school by myself.

I considered not bringing him, but since Jack had the day off that would mean juggling all 4 kids until Angelica showed up. Bundling up and walking over was definitely less work.

I even texted another mom friend to see if she could swing by on her way to drop her kid off and pick up Ben. She never responded to my text.

In the end I’m glad she didn’t. It gave me the change to play supermom. The thing about four kids is everything is such an effort, and so much work. You often wonder if you can handle it. And if you push yourself, you’ll see most times you can. And breaking through those barriers makes you proud. Proud that you can achieve what seemed impossible. Proud that your kids can too.

Jack, my side kick, helps push Ben’s stroller

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