Fresh Picks (Jan 16 & Jan 30)

Two weeks ago I received carrots, sweet potatoes, dried kidney beans, garlic, collards, daikon, spinach and turnips.

The Carrots and Spinach were used in a tortellini soup. The kids loved it, even though they skirted around the carrots and spinach, fishing out the tortellinis.

I’ve been trying out a new cookbook called The Soupbox Cookbook. For those of you not familiar with the local soup place with the cult-like following, you are missing out. Especially this time of year! Since I’m stuck at home, the cookbook is a great way to enjoy lots of yummy new soups.
Besides the tortellini soup, I also made an Italian wedding soup with the collards. The recipe called for spinach but I substituted and it still turned out great. So far four great soups from this new cookbook, all super easy.
I cut the Sweet Potato and steamed it for the babies to eat. They have started on soft finger food and I’m always looking for things they will like and not choke to badly on. The babies barely got any because when the older kids saw it steaming they asked for it themselves.

I roasted the garlic in a bit of olive oil and squeezed it into homemade hummus.

The daikon was added to pickled with carrots and used as a side dish for lunches.

I used the dried kidney beans also in a Roadhouse Chili recipe from the Soupbox cookbook. I didn’t realized how much dried bean expanded. What a nutritious and cheap way to eat! I still have 1/2 the container.

Turnips were used in yet another soup (I’m cooking my way through the entire Soupbox cookbook!). I threw them in with next week’s delivery…

Leeks, Red Pepper, Red Potato, Snap Peas, Artichoke, and Root Vegetable Soup Mix.

I used the root vegetable mix along with one leek, the red potatoes, and the turnips from last week to make a great soup that everyone can eat. The veggies were all diced and soft so the babies could eat them. The older boys liked theirs pureed with a hunk of bread.

I plan on steaming the artichoke and dipping in butter one night. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

As for the snap peas they make a great snack or lunch time side.

The last leek and red pepper are either going into a quiche of I’m going to make savory and sweet crepes one night for dinner.

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