The Cracks are Showing

Yesterday Angelica came early and, after a trip to Costco and the grocery store, I jammed in a quick pedicure before I have to show my toes in Florida.

I was sitting in the chair, eating lunch and having a starbucks AND reading a book on my iPad. The pedicurist thought it was funny to see me doing so many things at once, so I told her, laughing through a mouth full of egg salad, “I have four kids ages 5 and under. I have to do multiple things at once all the time.”

The woman in the chair next to me was shocked. She asked if I had multiples. She had seven year old twins. She had no idea how I did it. I have no idea how I do it. And sometimes I realize, like today, that I’m not doing it that well.

Aaron was up from 12:30 until 2am last night. I managed to feed Sam in between fielding a crying Aaron. I went to bed and fell asleep for what felt like a second before Ben cried out around 4am. I joined him in his bed. Sam woke for the morning at 5:30, but luckily Adam took that one. Jack climbed out of the bed above me around 6am and passed me by, finding Adam and Sam downstairs. Ben woke at 7:15.

We were suppose to have Ben at school no later than 8am today for his holiday show.

This morning besides Ben’s holiday show, he also had his Winter Gingerbread house project which I said I’d attend. And yesterday I stupidly booked someone to come fix a cabinet in our rental unit at the same exact time. So much happening all the time!

“Was I suppose to put him in something special?” I asked Adam, frantically rustling through my papers to find the sheet with instructions. It took all my will power to ignore the sink full of dishes. No time for that now.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get him dressed. Can you pack his lunch?” Adam called out from the back room.

Crap. Lunch! I packed in a hurry. Adam reorganized his morning so he could take each kid to school individually. While he took Ben, I fed a twin, packed Jack’s lunch and helped Jack with the few things he still needs help to get dressed in the morning.

Luckily Adam had a plan. He would get the kids fed for school and drop them off. He would cover my mistake with the repair man if the two appointments overlapped.

After Adam dropped Ben he came back for Jack. I dressed while he was gone, fed another twin, then put them both in their winter suits. I was just putting the second one in the stroller when Adam arrived. Perfect timing. We walked over to Ben’s school.

Since the repair man had not arrived yet, we both managed to catch the play. Ben didn’t flop on the ground the entire play like the last time. This time he wandered around the length of the stage in his black batman shirt with attached cape (while all the other kids wore white shirts). The other kids stood in their assigned places singing. It was quintessential Ben. I don’t think we helped by putting him in the wrong shirt, though. It just made his free spirited nature stand out even more.

Afterwards Adam went home to let the repair man in while I stayed to do Gingerbread Houses. It was really cute and fun. Ben mostly ate the candy while I decorated, but I could see how much fun he was having. And I thought it was super nice of him to talk about sharing it with his brother later today…

If I have Batman for a son, then my husband must be Superman. I returned home to see the sink empty and clean and the dishwasher running. The twins were well cared for in my absence and the cabinet was fixed.

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