Five Places Kids Eat Free in Chicago

Who doesn’t love to save money? I know I have an erroneous love of free food. I realized it should be quality over quantity, but that doesn’t stop my bargain hunting genes from dancing a two step every time get something for free. Over time my mom friends and I have managed to check out a few places that kids eat free. And here they are…

1. The Barn and Company. I met a few friends here with my older kids on Wednesday night as was shocked when my bill came to $10 without tip! I ordered a salad, which was 1/2 off and the kids ate free. In fact they eat free Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesdays. I didn’t think the salad was that tasty, but perhaps it was because I was at a smoke house which focused on meat. Next time I’ll be naughty and try the ribs…

2. Bakin and Eggs. I haven’t been back to this place in a while. The food was good, but the service was lacking last time we went. I saw a review on ‘Check Please’ that was positive so I’m thinking of trying it out again some day. They are only open for breakfast and lunch. Kids eat free all day on Thursday, limit 2 per family.

3. Frasca. Good Italian pizzeria. Thin crust pizza and nice salads as well. Kids eat free from 4:30 until 6pm every night. I think there is a 2 kid limit per family here too. Also, if you are doing the free kids promotion, you can not partake in the other specials that evening, like 1/2 price wine bottles. We found that out the hard way.

4. The Brown Trout. Unlike most places where kids eat free, this place has amazing food. We liked it so much we went on a date there without the kids! Their motto is “Casual, Comfortable, Sustainable Cuisine”. Kids eat free from 5-7, Wednesday through Sunday. One adult entree must be purchased per child.

5. Lulu Belle’s Pancake House. Pam introduced me to this place one Tuesday but we enjoyed it so much we went back with the kids a few times for breakfast on the weekends. It was tasty enough to dine there even if we had to pay for the kids meals. Kids eat free on Tuesdays from 7am until 3pm. Must order one adult meal per kid.

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