E and J’s B’nai Mitzvah

Last night we attended a B’nai Mitzvah for Ellie and Jonas. They are twins of Adam’s long time friend Steve Monieson. Adam and Steve went to Hebrew School together back in the day, so it was doubly meaningful for Adam to now see his friend’s kids go through the same. You may remember them from the E and J’s 5K Run.

The service was amazing. I loved everything about it. Both kids read incredibly well. Every single person who got up to speak, from Uncle Doug to Grandma and Grandpa, were eloquent and thoughtful with a sprinkling of well placed humor. I even found the evening prayers interesting to read, something that hardly ever happens to me at religious services.

When we picked up our place cards there was a picture of a hot dog underneath. We were pleased to see that meant a full on food court of pizza, mexican, burgers, and sushi. In fact, the only complaint I had the entire evening was that the size of the trays were too small! Dessert, among other things, included a blizzard bar.

Everything about the b’nai mitzvah screamed class. But that didn’t stop me. I used the evening shamelessly as a free date night/dance party/stuff my face full of food fest. The Moniesons put us at a table that could only have been labelled in their minds as ‘the fun table’. Which is how this happened…

Yes, that is the lamp from the table I’m strumming.

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