Progress Reports

Yesterday all four of our kids got progress reports of some kind.

The twins had their 6 month check up and shots.

Aaron showed a big growth spurt, but both babies measured well.

Sam discovers the ‘other baby’ in the mirror at the doctor’s office.

Aaron was 27″ (50-75%) in height, 18 pounds 2 ounces (50-75%) in weight, with a head circumference of 43.6 cm (50-75%).

Sam was 27 1/4″ (75%) in height, 18 pounds 9 ounces (75%) in weight, with a head circumference of 43.4 cm (50%).

We talked to the doctor about sleep training. Sam is still waking up 2 times a night. Aaron will sleep the entire night. He suggested we put them in their cribs at night completely awake. I feel bad doing this to Aaron since he doesn’t bother me at all at night, but maybe I should start doing it for Sam.

Besides the measurements, at six months the twins are developing in leaps and bounds. They both eat one meal a day around 3 or 4, as this time does not keep them from drinking a big evening bottle feed. I think Sam is ready for another meal in the morning, time to start that as well. I’ll just put it on my list of things to do…

High Five ‘other baby’!

Sam has spent all month rocking back and forth on all fours. He was pushing himself backwards all the while, but recently has started pushing forward, then flopping on his belly, then getting on all fours and starting again. Looks like an inchworm.

Aaron has just discovered he can pick his knees up and put them under him and has started a bit of rocking back and forth, but for the most part will stay close to where you put him. Sam is another story. Already I’ve put the twins on the carpet, gone upstairs to fetch something, then come down to find Sam across the room, under the table playing with the computer wires. I’m going to have to do some serious baby proofing. I’ll just put it on my list of things to do…

In general I’d have to say these are the happiest babies ever. As I write Aaron is laying on his tummy on the carpet, fist in his mouth, laughing for who knows why. Every time I turn around he just bursts out in a fit of giggles.

Jack and Ben also got reports of their own.

We braced ourselves for the worst for Ben. After his rough start to pre-k, we thought it was going to be bad. Surprisingly, it was a very positive report. We used to get reports like this for Jack when he attended this school and they were about half good traits, half ‘needs improvement’. Ben’s were mostly good with just a few ‘need improvement’. Yes, he’s still a flopper, and yes he’s still a runner. But he’s also pretty smart for his age. And now that a month has passed he’s already started to understand and follow the routine quite a bit. I kept thinking about Pam telling me that there was a 6 week normalization period for kids and how much Ben seemed to need it. They told us how well he responds to positive feedback and suggested a start chart. Another thing to put on my to do list…

Climbing Trees After School

Finally we picked up Jack’s report card. He also seems to have settled in after the 6 week normalization process. He is following what goes on in the class and participating. He is no longer giving the teacher any problems and in fact is quite helpful, especially to his peers. She talked about some of his issues with giving up too soon or having trouble expressing himself when he is frustrated. She also showed us some of the methods they use to read and write and suggested we get him a journal of his own and a clip board to write with. Lately he’s been clearing the computer paper in order to write, he loves it so much. I’ll just add buying a journal to my list of things to do…

Adam went to buy a lottery ticket after the last meeting. Four happy, healthy, well adjusted kids! Our cup runneth over. Adam said sometimes he has so kick himself he can’t believe how lucky we are. I agree.

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  1. I wish you wouldn’t post pictures of those fat little legs. They give me baby fever. I love that you wrote about the computer paper. A ream of it makes a great gift.

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