Sofra’s Turkish Kitchen

I don’t know what it is about my friend Jennifer’s birthday. Perhaps it’s the time of year that makes us all a bit silly.

Last year this time we found ourselves in a karaoke bar at 2am, singing badly to a drunk crowd.

This year we celebrated Jennifer’s birthday at Sofra Turkish Kitchen. Turkish and Mediterranean food, BYOB and Belly dancing. It was definitely one of our more unusual mom’s night outs.

Happy Birthday Jennifer!

The place was not that packed, but oddly enough it seemed that everyone there was celebrating something special.

Pam printed out a voucher, buy $100 worth of food and get $50 off. That combined with the BYOB left our bill at a mere $12 a person. Much cheaper than our normal $60 a head nights out. I could get used to BYOB dining! Especially since I love ethnic food so much, and most BYOBs tend to be that way.

After dinner we lounged in the comfy pillows that surrounded out table until I was almost vertical. I realized I ought to find my bed before I fell asleep in the restaurant. I was up by 4am for the day and it was showing.

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