Twins at 5 Months

If someone asked me if I would be willing to wake up once or twice a night to feed the twins in order to keep them this age forever, I might actually take them up on it.

I’m so in love with this age.

They are happy to see me, but they are also happy to see just about anyone else as well.

They move around, but not so much as to create huge messes everywhere they go.

They mostly just breast feed, which makes planning meals a snap.

Sadly, much as I’d love them to stay like this forever, I can see their developments daily.

Superman Pose

Initially I thought Aaron would be the first to crawl, but now I’m changing my bet to Sam. Aaron was the first to move around, pushing himself forward with his back legs while shoving his face forward into the carpet, arms dragging on his side. Sam, on the other hand, looked like he would never move. His meaty frame seemed to immobilize him. Instead he would stay put and practice his ‘superman pose’ over and over again.

Flirting with Jack

However, I’m starting to see how his repetition is paying off. Superman is now super strong and starting to push himself up on his hands and knees and rock back and forth. Aaron is still tossing and turning easily from front to back, but he seems more interested in practicing his flirting skills instead. He’ll lay on the floor, all snuggled up like a cat in a spot of sunlight, sucking his fingers and watching, waiting for you to make eye contact. Then boom! Huge smile!

It’s no surprise that Sam, after six days of trying, has figured out eating and it’s making up for lost time. Angelica fed him three cubes of peaches Tuesday night, and more on Wednesday night. Here come the stinky diapers! Aaron is still grossed out by the entire exchange. I wonder how many days he can make faces at my home made baby food before he finds something he likes. If my older kids are any indication, perhaps five years? Or longer?

One of the things that Aaron has managed to master faster than Sam is sleeping. Most nights he sleeps until 5am. And sometimes he’ll sleep a longer nap. They both don’t have a consistent nap schedule yet. I just follow the rule that, when they wake up, they will be tired 2 or 3 hours later. If they sleep 45 minutes or 2 hours I just note it and watch for signs of tiredness again 2 or 3 hours after waking. Sometimes they have 2 naps, sometimes 3. If I’m lucky they over lap and, not matter how much housekeeping is piling up, I force myself to jump into bed and try to sleep.

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1 thought on “Twins at 5 Months

  1. They are getting so big and they are SO handsome. Wow- Five months. You are so disciplined to hop in bed and sleep. I guess with twins you have to since you have double the chance of being up in the night.

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