Fit Foot

Another great little tidbit that I got from my friend Tami was a tip about a reflexology place called Fit Foot. They don’t seem to have a website but are located at 1459 W Fullerton.

All those years in Asia has made me a reflexology junkie, so you can imagine the shock on my face when I heard this place does a one hour massage (30 minutes for your feet and 30 minutes elsewhere) for only $28!

I was sure it was going to be crap for that price. For years I’d been booking various spas and trying their reflexology, only to find the person merely rubbed your feet lightly for 30 minutes. I did finally find a professional reflexologist, Nancy Cole, who did an amazing job. But she was pricey.

When I walked into this place, I felt like I was back in Asia. People are all in one room, silently laying under heavy blankets, like an opium den, getting a massage. The towel and eye mask provides for the perfect amount of privacy.  Instead of a plastic tub, they soak your feet in wooden tubs reminiscent of the places I used to frequent in Shanghai. They also give you the real reflexology. The hard rubbing and pulling that is borderline painful but over the top addictive. The massage is like that too. Deep tissue. He was using his limbs and his entire weight to press into me. It was awesome.

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