After a morning apple picking Sunday, we decided to stop by IKEA on our way home.

Cheryl and Allen Kaplan and Brenda and Jeff Gilman had given us a very generous gift certificate of $200 towards our high chairs. Adam joked, “In IKEA prices we can buy that and an entire kitchen as well.”

Well, maybe we didn’t get everything and the kitchen sink, but almost!

This place is amazing! Besides the joy of perusing copious amounts of cheap products for every nook and cranny of your house at incredibly low prices, we were able to do without four kids! Instead of dragging the older boys through a very boring shopping tour, we dropped them off at ‘Smaland”, a free play space for shopper’s kids. For an hour we were able to just cart the twins around picking up what we need.

Because we spent over $100, our dinner that night (valued at $25) was FREE. Mmm. Swedish Meatballs and Lingonberry Sauce.

I’m in love with this place. Thank goodness it’s a good 40 minute drive away from our house. This sort of set up would be dangerous to our budget.

How to bring 4 kids to IKEA and not lose them!

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