Ben’s First Day of Pre-School

Yes, that’s right! The strike is over!

I was very happy to hear it. I think I’m at my limit of juggling four kids, even though I have a very good helper and very supportive husband. It’s just a lot of work any way you look at it.

I was also very sad to hear it. Much as they drive me crazy with their wrestling, punching, dumping entire drawers of toys in 2 minutes and refusing to clean them up, and more, I am worried that I’ll miss the times I get to interact with them. It happens a lot more when we are together all day.

Yesterday Jack and I raced cars, well, he raced both our cars and hit mine off the road and declared himself the winner every time but it was still fun for me to see his little mind working so creatively. He loves to win and can be very competitive.

Ben and I got a few wrestling sessions in. He loves to jump on my back, stick his crotch in my face, kick me while I’m trying to feed the babies and hug my neck until I can’t breath. Not having to strong arm Ben off me during his morning’s feeds made them so easy they were almost boring.

I managed to keep a happy face when I sent Ben off to school. He was pretty excited about it. After I left, I kept myself together enough so that I wasn’t bawling on the street, like another mother I saw. In fact, seeing her looking like a hot mess made me keep a stiff upper lip. But I did shed a few tears in the car. The twins were sleeping and the silence was deafening.

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