Dad Leaves

Double fisted

After three and a half weeks of Calisoff style abuse, we released Grandpa Devensky.

I’ve gotten entirely too used to having an extra set of hands with me at all times and when I realized it was all over, a state of exhaustion overtook me.

I was very sorry to see Dad go, but at the same time I was glad he was getting a reprieve. Out of all the guests that have come to help us since the twins have been born, I think he found it the most difficult.

I don’t think it helped that, after the kids went to bed, he often worked late into the night trying to catch up with his real job.

The babies left his back in pain by the end of every day.

Jack AKA Johnny Blake Ironman Defeats Grandpa

The older kids took turns punching, talking back and leaving fresh poop on the carpet for him to clean up. He found them completely undisciplined. I hope he lives long enough to see them grow up and become great people. Which would require them to actually grow up and become great people. At this point I’m not betting on it as a sure thing.

Bathing Aaron while Ben Poops Nearby and Jack overcrowded the Bathroom. Hardly Ideal Working Conditions…

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1 thought on “Dad Leaves

  1. Your dad is such a great sport! I am sure he went home exhausted. I know that everyone leaves my house much more appreciative of their own quiet house. I am sure that he had a great time!

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