Unusual Date

Yesterday we had the most unusual date yet.

We hired the babysitter for the afternoon to help my father with the four kids and we checked into a hotel room.

Dad is leaving this week and before he goes I wanted at least one afternoon of uninterrupted sleep. Sleep that didn’t have an alarm clock or a crying kid on the other side of it.

At check in the woman wanted to know if we were checking in for anything special.

“Sleep.” We replied in unison.

Adam requested and we luckily got a top floor, corner room. It was so quiet. All you could hear was the pitter patter of rain on the window. A perfect sleep day.

“How long do you think we’ll sleep?” I asked Adam.

“Three or four hours?” Adam guessed.

We closed the blinds and got into bed. I was so excited for a long nap that I laid there unable to sleep.

But soon three months of no REM sleep eventually overtook me. I was unconscious 5 minutes later.

I woke up only 1 and 1/2 hours later. Adam was already awake. Kind of disappointing, really. Was that all I needed to catch up?

Even though we were separated from the kids, the tethers of our daily life still lingered. By 5:20 I was hungry for dinner. I’m sure the kids were eating at home too. I smiled at the fact that I would not have to nag them to sit while they were eating, finish their dinner, or chase them around the house with wipes before they smeared their greasy hands on our walls.

We ordered room service. I knew there were great restaurants around the corner, but I relished sitting around in the hotel robe and having the food wheeled right to me, trough style.

After dinner Adam suggested another nap. Could we nap twice in one day? I guess if you eat enough room service you can easily fall into a food coma. Another two hours of sleep!

We checked out the same day we checked in. The woman at check out wisely didn’t comment on it.

In the taxi we learned we slept through a storm so big that it closed Lakeshore Drive from Michigan Ave to North Ave.

We arrived home to find a quiet house. All our kid were asleep. Perfect timing. We got into our bed and fell asleep again instantly.

Sorry readers, no photos for this blog!

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1 thought on “Unusual Date

  1. That is hilarious!! What we parents will do for a little rest and relaxation! Good for you. Money well spent. 🙂

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