Sleep Training

Seems like the nights are getting worse, not better.

Thursday night (aug 16) Jack woke up from peeing in his bed by 11pm at night.

The twins, who used to sleep a long stretch, are now both waking up earlier and earlier for their first feed. Thursday night is was 1:30am. Both fed at the same time, which I was hoping meant more uninterrupted sleep for me.

Then Ben cried at 2am for me. Adam covered him, getting him back to bed. He heard me up in the kitchen and text me to check Jack’s temperature when I was done feeding.

Grab sleep when you can at our house!

I put the twins back in their cribs and checked Jack’s temperature. He was in our bed. 100.9°. I was so tired I confused my text messages and sent the reply to my friend Jenny. Then I had to explain to her how ridiculous our life has become, that at 2am I have to text my husband in order to communicate with him, even though he was in the next room. What are we doing wrong that 5 out of 6 of us are up at such a late hour?

It didn’t end there, another wake up for the twins at 3:00am for me.

Jack woke Adam up at 4am, then Ben work Adam up at 5am. I know because I heard it while I was once again breast feeding the twins at that time.

Final wake up time, 6am.

I had reached my limit. I pulled out my Ferber book, Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems.

Seems the problem I have with the twins is that Sam doesn’t know how to settle himself. Aaron can be put down drowsy but awake and go to sleep. He wakes up now because he sleeps on his tummy and scoots into a corner of the crib and cries. I think he also wakes up when Sam cries, hence the reason they are both feeding at the same time at night. So, I assume the problem is Sam. He needs to be put down drowsy but awake.

Accidental Nap on the Couch

And Ben? Not sure, but Adam said not to worry, he would get him to sleep through the night. Ben would break before he would. I know when Adam is resolved to something, he completes it entirely. I stopped worrying about Ben for now.

I knew I had to do it but it still took me two more nights past my limit before I manned up.

Friday night Ben was the only one who slept the entire night. Jack was up all night with his fever, and the twins, between the two of them, woke me 6 times.

Saturday night, as I mentioned before, another bad night. Sam was up every two hours and woke for good at 5am. Jack threw up around 2, waking Ben up. At one point Adam was in Jack’s bed and I was in Ben’s putting them back to sleep. Then just as I was falling back to sleep, another twin crying.

Sunday night Sam drank a huge bottle of formula and passed out, but woke 45 minutes later. I shoved a boob in him, an automatic response. He sucked half heartedly two or three times and was out again. I put him in the crib. He waited another 15 minutes to cry. I left him there. Give him 10 minutes, I thought. By eight minutes everyone was on edge.

“Maybe I should eat those leftover cookies to distract myself from the crying?” I thought.

“No, my 40th birthday is just around the corner. I don’t want pictures of myself all tubby, forever preserved in the Calisoff history books.” I silently replied to myself.

“Maybe he has a fever?” Adam asked.

I went in and checked his temperature. No fever.

I put him down again, this time on his tummy. An excruciating, long 3 minutes later he was asleep.

I put myself to sleep by 9:30pm. I braced for the worst. But instead I woke up at 4am, my boobs about to burst. The first kid to wake up in our house was Aaron at 4:30am for a feed. SAM SLEPT UNTIL 5AM! Ben woke around the same time, but Adam got him back to sleep. And Jack? Slept all night and woke happily in a pee soaked bed.


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2 thoughts on “Sleep Training

  1. Speechless. I don’t know how you are doing it. Brody just started sleeping through the night at 15 months. A few times he would give me a 10 day stretch when I thought we were in the clear and then he would regress and we would start sleep training all over. I was besides myself, as the nights Brody would do well; Elsie had a bad dream or Callie wet the bed, etc…..your nights sound way too active! I am so glad that Adam is so helpful and that recently your twins have made some progress. Cheers to great hubbies and sending sleep dust your way, Momma!!! Hang in there.

  2. You are still one of the wittiest people I know and you crack me up. I love your humor. As misery loves company, I am strangely comforted by your potty training woes. I feel like it’s never going to end. My brother and Erin used to wake Vegas up before they went to bed at 10 or 11 for pee to prevent the night pee but as hard as it is sometimes to get Helaina to bed at night, I prefer to roll the dice and clean up the mess rather than chance it. If Jack goes to sleep easily maybe you can try that.
    You look awesome!

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