Baby Gifts

In the area of baby gifts, we have seen more than our fare share. For the twins alone I ordered 40 thank you cards with their picture on it. I’ve long since run out. In fact, I’ve gone through another 10 pack of store bought thank you cards and still the gifts are coming in. I have another two thank you’s I need to write right now.

Some of my favorite stuff was the monogrammed stuff.

I loved it when the twins got cute little onsies with their names or the first letter of their name on it. Especially before people could tell them apart.

With Jack, the cutest monogrammed thing I got was a fancy baby burp cloth from our friend Andy Weil. I thought it was such a great idea I gave them out for years to other people having babies.

And Ben got the cutest cloth backpack with his name on it and an embroidered dump truck from our friends the Lafayettes.

Some people, like my friend Jessica sent up four beach towels with all the kids names on them. We use them every time we go to the beach. A fitting gift from my Florida friend.

Today I received a monogrammed gift that completely made my day. So cute and so original! Among other things in our gift bag, there was this…

Monogrammed Kippahs from Heather

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