First Smiles

Sam is always happy after he feeds! (Yes, that's a milk beard)

Nothing is more rewarding after 6 weeks of staying up all night with nothing to show but a cranky attitude and a garbage can full of dirty diapers then seeing your baby’s first smile. Finally some response that you are doing a bang up job!

Aaron - a bit more demure, but still smiling!

Both Sam and Aaron gave me wonderful smiles this week, right when all the books say the first smile should show up.

Which reminds me of all the other things I should be doing for them, like tummy time. I should find the play mat and get it out for them to start trying to reach things.

And this reminds me of all the other things I should be doing for the older boys, like redoing their closets, packing up the long sleeves and pants in favor of summer clothes.

But all that can wait. This is my mother’s last day in Chicago. My last day to dump the twins on her so I can rest. This morning I sent the older boys out with the sitter for the morning to play at the park. Right now I need to lay down and get as much sleep as I can! So good night … until tomorrow.

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