Adam came home Tuesday night to find me in a state of exhaustion.

Jack Loves Holding the Babies

After another sleepless night, we walked around the neighborhood with all the kids who stay at home in tow, a convoy of strollers. In the afternoon it was hot and windy. We took all four kids to Jack’s school play ground. By the end of the day everyone was sweaty, tired and cranky.

When Adam got home from work at 8pm he took one look at me and said, “Hand me that baby and go to bed.”

I didn’t argue. I went to bed at 8:40pm Tueday night. I woke for the 10:30 feed. Then again at 1am and once again was up juggling babies until 4am. I must have been doing a poor job of keeping them quiet because Adam came in to see how he could help. At that moment, Ben started crying and Adam went to check on him. I was feeling very overwhelmed and sorry for myself when my mom miraculously showed up in the babies’ room and took the fussy one. Once I was down to one it was easy to settle him in the crook of my arm to sleep.

Right after the Morning Feed

Today I was tired again but wanted to bring the younger kids to see Jack on his school outing at the park. Adam suggested I take it easy, hire the sitter and get some sleep. I listened, sort of. I stayed at home, but skipped the sitter.

In the end we had one of those perfect morning where both babies slept at the same time (on top of me of course) and Ben watched a movie and napped down stairs with my mother. Three kids asleep at the same time! I got almost an hour nap in. I woke up to the unfamiliar feeling of waking on my own instead of to the sound of crying.

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