More Charity Food

The army of friends keeps coming and shoring up the Cailsoff troop.

Laurie's Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

I already mentioned Lauren Marks’ brisket, which fed us for 3 days, warming beautifully each time. On the fourth day I still craved it.

This weekend we bumped into my friend Laurie on the street. When she offered this delicious rhubarb and strawberry pie, I answered, “We are accepting all donations.”

Jack’s comment after having a slice of the pie with a little vanilla ice cream was, “This is yummy, we should tell her to make us another five of these.” 

The Latham Family Casserole

We also were given a casserole so unique I’m not even sure what to call it. Sara, who brought it over just described it as a pasta, chicken cheesy thing. It was a hint spicy, and chocked with a surprising variety of vegetables too. And it came with wine! Another great dish that I’m going to have to get the recipe for.

Finally this evening Tami brought us kabobs and rice. As she told us, she is Israeli, so she does that well. And I know she used to own a restaurant. So we were very excited to taste her cooking. And even with our expectations so high, we were still completely blown away with the results. Normally when Adam comes home he forgoes dinner until after he puts the kids to bed. This time I came out of the bathroom where the older kids where bathing to find him digging into the spread. I couldn’t blame him, I was eating it one handed with a kid latched on my boob earlier. I couldn’t wait either!

Tami's Kebabs, Rice, Salad and Dipping Sauce

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