The Helpful thing about Help

When my sister came to help, I was very excited to have an extra set of hands. Someone to help carry kids, dress them, change diapers, cook, do laundry.

But the best thing about help is the unexpected help you get. Like an outsiders perspective.

Not only was Lara excellent help with all things above, she knew just when to whisk an crying kid from me and distract them with humor or new games. She figured out I needed new clothes that wouldn’t rub my c-section scar. Yes, I am so tired I could not actually think of this myself.

One of the most helpful things she did was putting the babies in the crib. My first two kids got carried everywhere. It never occurred to me to put them down. But with twins you must. And the more you try it, the more it works!

And she continues to surprise us.

This morning Lara and Adam took all the kids to Starbucks so I could sleep. It was not a good night, and despite both Lara and Adam’s offer to help, I decided to do it alone with the twins.

Afterwards they took the kids to Jack’s baseball game.

How We Roll

I woke up 3 hours later in a panic that the twins were starving and the milk was still in bed, three blocks away.

But all was fine when I arrived at the park. After I fed them both, we played a bit with the Camerons and decided to go to Dim Sum for lunch. Tomorrow they are celebrating cultural diversity week and I wanted to go to Chinatown and buy fortune cookies.

The Cameron thought Dim Sum sounded good and suggested the place they go to in Uptown. Perhaps the Asian store near the restaurant would sell fortune cookies? We met them there, ate a ton. Then Jack had to poop. But he refused to go at the restaurant. He hates pooping anywhere but home. But I hadn’t got the fortune cookies!

I tried to cajole him into going at the restaurant. I told him we couldn’t get the cookies if he needed to run home. Adam was asking Jack to forget it. Then Adam suggested we stop by our local Chinese restaurant and buy cookies from them later this afternoon.

And here is where the helpful help piped in, “You realize we are at a Chinese Restaurant right now?” 

Duh! We bought 20 cookies on the spot for $2! Thank you Lara!

Dim Sum at the Furama

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