A Trip to Target

Today we mustered up the courage to take all the Calisoffs to Target. It was our first trip all together. Adam and I giggled as we packed a small vacations worth of stuff to drive down the street.

On our way there I thought about how hard it would be to get through the store. In the last few months of pregnancy I couldn’t go anywhere without people stopping and asking when I was due, fawning over the fact that it was twins. Wait until they see us out in force, double twin stroller and our other two boys, which everyone always tells us are so cute, well behaved, or whatever they feel like commenting on.

But when were got there, we didn’t get a single ooh or aah. In fact, we got a couple of dirty looks and a few, “excuse me, your in my way” type comments.

When I walked away from Adam and the older boys to get myself a starbucks with the twins, three separate woman stopped me to coo and congratulate me over my recent arrivals.

I guess while the excitement of having twins is contagious, the reality of a family walking around target with four small kids is just white trash.

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1 thought on “A Trip to Target

  1. That is hilarious!! It is funny how we women get so used to the attention when we are pregnant or have a newborn. The other day I realized that I am just plain old Becca again. Kind of sad. You will be getting attention for the rest of your life with twins…the tend to fascinate. I am proud of your ambition and boldness. It is fun to go and just see if you can do it. Someday you will even try it without Adam! 🙂

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