Blueberry Moon Spa

Today I decided to use the massage gift card that my girlfriends bought me. Perhaps I should call it another push present?!

Last weekend I walked 5 blocks to have some lunch at Potbelly’s. When I got there I realized 5 blocks was the limit my body could handle.

This weekend I barely made it the two blocks to the Blueberry Moon Spa without stopping to bend over and rest. By the time I got there, I really needed a massage!

The scents that wafted over me when I entered reminded me of my days in Hong Kong. This spa is an Aveda spa and I was an Aveda junkie back then, in large part because of my gay best friend’s job as Managing Director of Ferragamo and other brands they owned including Aveda. Oh how I miss you Tom! I haven’t taken such good care of myself before or after we lived in the same town. He always knew what a girl needed.

“I must come back and buy some of these wonderful products that I’d forgotten all about!” I thought.

As usual, my uterus proceeded me. I am not able to go anywhere nowadays without hearing twin stories, asking when I’m due and getting guesses on the sex. And I love it. I’m really going to miss all the attention I’ve been getting lately! There is so much positive energy people throw your way when you are pregnant.

The massage, put on my a lady named Puji, was heavenly. It was done on a regular massage table but she strategically placed pillows all around for comfort. I tried my hardest to stay awake but her rhythmic motions lulled me into a coma like state. All too soon the hour was up.

I could have used her again after I walked to two blocks back home, but overall I was pleased that I managed to squeeze in another massage before these babies popped out. Who knows when I’ll have that kind of freedom again after they are here…

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