How many moms out there have had the same experience I’ve had with old Disney films? You remember them so fondly and want to share them with your kids. But when you sit down to watch the film as an adult, you can’t figure out why you liked it in the first place?

We bought Dumbo recently. And sat down to watch it as a family.

He can fly!

The story line was basically that if you are different, you will be punished. But after an alcohol induced hallucination where you wake up in a tree and realize you can fly, you can use your talents to become famous and get what you want.

Not sure what the lesson is here. Or even if they had one. It certainly isn’t like modern day animation, where the lesson is clear. Even the bad guys can turn good (Megamind, Despicable Me), or the importance of family (Incredibles, Lion King), or even loyalty (Toy Story).

I basically walked away thinking that when Jack sees us drink Champagne he probably thinks we become delusional, and that if your parents stand up for you they might get locked away.

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