Monster Truck Party

Jack decided he wanted his 5th birthday to be Monster Trucked themed. So tonight, we had over 50 friends over to help him celebrate.

Monster Truck Twister

As usual, we cleared out the spare room to accommodate the theme. We hung up a Monster Truck Piñata. Then we bought two Twister games and turned them into “Monster Truck Twister”. We got checkered flags and hung them around the room. We also put all of Jack’s monster truck toys in the room. I wasn’t sure what the kids would do with them. I found out later they were throwing them at the piñata, trying to break it!

I tried to think of food one might eat at a Monster Truck rally, but serving hot dogs, popcorn and cotton candy seemed more naughty then I was willing to be. In the end, we served up mini hot dogs, baked ziti, veggie plate, fruit bowl, and cheese plate. I tried to do deviled eggs but no one could figure out how to peel them without breaking them. So, now I’ve got over 30 badly peeled eggs in my fridge that I’m not sure what to do with! The successful food made it onto our “Pit Stop” table.

The "Pit Stop"

Adam went crazy on the cake. He ordered an entire sheet! He gave the cake makers (we went to Deerfield Bakery) five monster trucks to decorate the top with. They made ramps for the trucks and crushed cookies for dirt. They even put little cars for the trucks to jump over.

Jack's 5th Birthday Monster Truck Cake

Finally, we let everyone take home a Mylar Monster Truck Balloon along with their gift bags…

Gift Bags

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4 thoughts on “Monster Truck Party

  1. Beautiful cake – hope it taste as good as it looks.
    What a life you and Adam are giivng these 2 precious boys.
    Love it – you were brought up well Nikki!!!!

  2. I’ve gotta say that in 8 weeks I get to plan my first BOY bday party and I’m pretty stoked. Not to say that pink, princesses and sweet shoppes haven’t been fun- but I’m thinking pirates, trucks or sailboats…..can’t wait to boy out. Love your theme- the cake was awesome and the goody bags were great.
    Also, love that recipe for swiss chard- I love SC, but never have a good recipe to use it in.
    Hope all is well!

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