Pregnancy Update – Week 27

Seems like natural births and home births are experiencing a bit of a renaissance.

I know so many people who have opted for the drug free option. Jessica, Heather, Michelle, Becca, Tracey, Margie, Laura, Chrissy and probably more that I can’t think of right now. And some of these babies were over 9 pounds!

Can I push this out drug free?

For my first pregnancy, I really wanted to have a drug free birth. At my friend Jennie’s suggestion, I read Hypno Birthing and listened to the CD every day. I was in labor for a long time with Jack. After 22 hours, I was in a state of extreme pain followed by the extreme high endorphins produce. Over and over again. Every time they came into to check on me, I wasn’t dilating any more – stuck at 7cm, yet the pain was intensifying every minute. Finally I looked at Adam in desperation. He said, “I think you are focusing too much on the wedding when it’s really about the marriage. Do you know what I mean?

That’s all I needed to get the epidural. Ah, I can still remember the relief.

After 28 hours of labor PLUS 2 hours of pushing, I ended up with a cesarean. The heart rate was fine but he wasn’t budging. My doctor said I could push for another 2 hours but in her medical opinion, he wasn’t coming out.

I signed the papers and in 15 minutes Jack was born. It was so easy. I wanted a cesarean the next time!

So I scheduled one with Ben. But when I got to the hospital, I was 7cm dilated and he came out the regular way. Without any preparations for natural childbirth, I asked for the epidural immediately to relieve the pain. Ten minutes after I got it, I started pushing. It took over 2 hours of pushing but he came out like Superman, with one arm next to his head.

So, with this pregnancy and the trend of going naturally all around me, I can’t help but think – this is my last chance to go for it.

Given that they are twins, they will probably be smaller and easier to push out than the last two, right?

But given my history there is no way I will get to give birth in a tub at home.

Anyway, something to think about. In the end, I’ll probably chicken out.

And by the way, I got the ultrasound date wrong. It’s next week.

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