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Technology is unavoidable nowadays. What a different world our children live in than the one we grew up in!

Recently I answered a survey about touch screen devices for kids under three. My friend Kelly’s friend who was doing a research project. I answered as best I could, but Ben at 2 and 1/2 is still to young to grasp the concept.

Adam and I were discussing getting Jack an iPad for his 5th birthday. Right now he uses our iPhones to watch shows and play games. So much so that we’ve kept an old iPhone around just for him to use.

In the end we decided a bike would be a better purchase, especially after seeing how well his friend Grant rode his.

But technology is here. It’s not going away. And I’m not particularly bothered how much time my kids spend trying to master it. In a lot of ways I think it’s a good thing. I’m sure most jobs in the future will need good technological skills.

Perhaps this is how I justify the fact that we’ve moved on from buying just “educational” games (see previous blog – First Five Iphone Apps for your 4 Year Old) to buying fun games that are sometimes questionably violent.

I’m always searching for new games to entertain him, which probably means other moms are too. Here are another 5 that we’ve downloaded recently.

1. Where is my Water? I enjoyed this one even more than Jack did. Couldn’t put it down until I finished all the levels. It’s a simple concept, just get the water to the alligator in the tub. But amazing how hard they can make it!

2. Jelly Car. I think Jack enjoys all the different cars he can make even more than playing the game. Considering how wonky these cars drive, he’s got considerable control over them.

3. Ninja Town. Mostly jumping from tree to tree as high as you can while picking up points. Adam and Jack seem to have taken a liking to this game. I’m still not sure what makes it so exciting.

4. Team Umizoomi. Look! I can buy educational stuff for my kids! Jack is at an age where counting is fun.

5. Angry Birds. Is there anyone out there who doesn’t know this game already?

On an adult note, my friend Lottie recently introduced me to “Words with Friends“. I’m addicted. If anyone out there reading this is playing as well, look me up!

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