A Spanky Butt

For some time now we have been using a “Responsibility” chart to get Jack to do things. When he fills the chart he gets to go pick out a new toy.

Jack's "Spanky" Chart

This works surprisingly well for getting kids who don’t like to take orders. The responsibility chart was mostly Adam’s job. Somehow the little circles on the chart got named as “Spankies”. Which was fine with me, call them whatever you want as long as they get the job done!

It did make for some embarrassing moments, like being in a crowded, public place and having Jack turn to you and say, “Mom, you forgot to give me my Spankies today.”

But nothing topped yesterday. I asked Jack to get dressed. Adam offered him a Spanky for the task. He disappeared into his room for some time. When he came out, he still hadn’t managed to put his pants on. Instead he walked out in his shirt and Scooby-Doo underwear. Grinning up at me and said, “Can you guess what’s in my underwear?”

I pulled open the back to find all the little circles in his underwear. A Spanky Butt.

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