Pregnancy Update – 24 Weeks

I can’t believe how quickly this pregnancy is happening. Already I’m starting to get upset that it’s all going to be over too soon. Unlike any other pregnancy, I KNOW FOR SURE that this will be my last pregnancy.

Like a told a friend of mine the other day, I kind of like being pregnant. (Although I do remember thinking “I will never get pregnant again” a short two months ago).

Eating whatever I want is so much fun. Unlike normal times I don’t push myself to get things done and I don’t feel guilty at all. And I love how woman, complete strangers, will talk to you intimately about their kids, pregnancy and twin stories. It makes me feel like we are all part of a secret club together. They will tell me how difficult and hard it was, but the smile on their face betrays something else. It says – it was the best time of my life as well. Birth is sloppy, risky, and exhausting but it’s exhilarating as well.

I love the feeling of anticipation, the part where we are now. How will this science experiment, this mixing of our genes turn out this time?

Anyway, enough drivel. Here is another belly comparison for you…

Seven Months Pregnant with Ben

Five Months Pregnant with Twins


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