The Potty Play Date

It’s funny how we change as mothers as time goes on.

When we had play dates with our first born children, we would all sit around in one room, watching the kids interact closely. We would reprimand them for any little misbehavior, all while comparing every detail of their lives, from the hardships of getting them to eat a balanced diet to the color of their poop.

Such were my thoughts when I opened the bathroom door at my friend Lottie’s house this afternoon to find my second born son in the bathroom with her third born daughter. Both kids had their diapers and pants off. Ben was sitting on the mini-potty and Georgie was standing behind him complaining it was her turn.

Playdate at the Clayton's

I have no idea how these two little 2 and 1/2 year olds who are not even potty trained yet decided collectively they should go into the bathroom, close the door, take their pants off and pee together.

Now that we all have more kids, Lottie and I were busy in the kitchen preparing dinner and talking about things that have nothing to do with diet or poop.

Still I was upset that I didn’t have a camera ready to record this odd moment which struck me in the funny bone. I actually think since it was Lottie’s third, it wasn’t even that funny for her. Just par for the course.

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