Breathe Right Strips

Marriage is so great. I love that you can just go to sleep with whatever crazy contraption on and your spouse doesn’t blink an eye.

We watched Bridesmaids the movie the other day. All my pregnancy hormones had me crying at her want for a stable relationship. One where she didn’t have to scurry to the bathroom to put lipstick on before her bed buddy woke up.

I’m so glad I never have to go back to those awkward days, though I did have my share.

Like the guy who surprised me by taking his teeth out and put them next to the bed. I learned later it’s common for Rugby players to get their teeth knocked out. But it was very awkward at the time.

Lately I’ve been congested at night. Not fully, just a bit of blockage that pools in which ever nostril is on the bottom. Pregnancy has confined me to two sleeping positions – right side or left.

Anytime I turn over, the pool moves to the other nostril slowly, waking me up until it drains. Like I don’t wake up enough during the night with the kids and bathroom breaks!

So these strips are sooo amazing. If you have this problem you must try them. I sleep so much better! Whoever thought of them is a genius. Now if only they could solve my problem of an easy way to tie a water ballon my life would be perfect…

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