Kohl’s Children’s Museum

Ben in the Water Room - He was soaked!

I first visited this place when Jack was somewhere in his first year of life. I remember thinking it’s soooo amazing, so clever! I want to live here! We went a few times after that and each time I enjoyed it immensely.

I have not been back since I had Ben. So it’s been a while. But not much has changed.

Both kids had a lot of fun, but this time around I definitely enjoyed it a lot less. Unlike the Children’s Museum at Navy Pier, the Kohl’s Children’s Museum is basically one big open space. Most of the rooms have multiple entries or a single entry with no gate. I found myself darting around frantically trying to keep two kids in the same room.

Jack Decorating a Mini Willis (previously Sears) Tower

Although it didn’t bother me with just one kid, this time around the crowds in the suburbs grated on me. Why is everything so crowded in the suburbs? Isn’t the point of moving out there to have more space?

Also, in the city, you get a bunch of young energetic adults volunteering. Your kid makes a mess, they laugh and join in. Suburbs? Crabby retirees who remind you to put away all the fake groceries after you are finished playing with them.

In conclusion, it’s a great museum if you have a one-on-one coverage situation. Or if it doesn’t stress you out not to see your kids every single second.

We paid $28 for the three of us to get in this time, but the entry price can be applied to your membership cost if you buy that day. Membership was $100. Parking is free, one nice suburb perk. But I don’t think we’ll make it out there another 4 times this year so I skipped purchasing the membership.

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