Pregnancy Update – 21 Weeks

Belly Shot 21 Weeks

This week I saw my Ob/Gyn again.

I weighed in at 152 pounds, so I’m up about 32 pounds. For some reason it looks like more, based on my last two pregnancies – see my Belly Comparison. The clothes I wore when I was 8 months pregnant don’t fit at all. But I hate the thought of spending money on clothes that I will only wear for a few months. In the end, Adam eyed my last two ill fitting outfits and marched me to the fancy maternity store and spoiled me with a new wardrobe. I tried to buy everything tent like. Hopefully it will cover me until the end of the pregnancy.

People keep asking me if it’s a girl or a boy in there. I love to see the reaction when they find out it could be both! Then they realize I’m carting around 2 other kids! I should start counting the times I’ve heard, “Good Luck” and “Oh My God” when these sort of conversations occur. It’s a lot.

I’m also starting to gather a lot of very odd and funny comments about twins and pregnancy. For example, one woman at Whole Foods the other day said, “I gave birth to a 10 pound, 5 ounce baby so I know what that feels like.”


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