Meli Cafe

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

I guess it’s no secret, since we decide to dine at this place out after seeing it on Check Please, but people, if you haven’t tried Meli Cafe, GO TRY IT!

We used to be Toast regulars, but when the outspoken and hilarious manager (Jill) left we realized the food wasn’t superior to all other brunches. Just her quick wit was. So, we’ve been venturing out.

Everything we tried was amazing. Even something as simple as scrambled eggs. Look at the picture of Jack’s Strawberry Banana Smoothie! It has whipped cream and fancy chocolate pictures on the sides! I got crepes. Love it when they have crepes both sweet and savory. Adam got an omelette that could only be described as umami yummy.  Also, they had a lot of vegan options, something I’m hoping to do more of once these pregnancy cravings stop taking over my brain.

I was pleased to see they used kiddie cups made from 100% recycled corn that were compostable. And recyclable take home containers.

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