Top Five Chicago Must Sees for Tourists

Last week I posted some winter, kid friendly stuff to do in Chicago on Hidden Little Gems. It’s a facebook app which provides lists to “discover places to eat, drink, stay & play from your friends”. Hidden Little Gems was started by an old friend of mine from my days in Asia.

As a result, a few of my old buddies saw the list and contacted me. I guess I never realized that, even though I moved out of that life and started a new one, most of them stayed there and still see each other.

A lot of them now have kids, so I’m hopeful that my list will be useful to them. But not all. So, I decided a needed to post a few more lists to represent the lone Chicagoan of the group!

This next post, Uniquely Chicago Experiences. If you are looking for touristy stuff to do when people are in town, these five things are a must.

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