Hidden Little Gems

Vacationing in Boracay, Phillipines

An old friend of mine from Hong Kong, Philip Hofmeyr, recently started a facebook app called Hidden Little Gems. The tag line is “discover places to eat, drink, stay & play from your friends”. I love this idea of having people ‘in the know’ telling you the great little secrets of their cities. Since I know first hand how fun and adventurous Phil and his buddies are, I completely trust the content. To give you some idea of the Asia crazy I lived through in my 8 years abroad, check out the picture above. A group of us went vacationing in Boracay, Phillipines. For some reason we all decided to dress alike. The boys chose bikinis! They were a real hit at all the bars that night. If this picture isn’t an endorsement for how fun loving Phil and his friends are, then maybe stick something traditional like Fodor’s.

I posted my first list last week. Unfortunately, my stay at home pregnant mom status doesn’t quite match the party animal person I was back in Asia. I’m not looking for the latest hot spots anymore! I noticed my old roommate from Hong Kong’s list was titled ‘Best Places to Kiss in Paris‘. My how we’ve gone in different directions in life!

I was trying to think of something I searched for in the past on the internet that isn’t really there for the city of Chicago. I decided on Best Museums for Kids in Chicago. As the weather gets colder and colder, I’m constantly racking my brains for places to take the kids in the winter. Last year we had almost every single museum membership available. This year we paired it down to the ones most friendly for kids. Hope you enjoy them (you can click on the link “Best Museums for Kids in Chicago” to view.)

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3 thoughts on “Hidden Little Gems

  1. Hi Nikki… great to see this lovely picture of you with your children and to read your blog! You look marvellous just like the old Hong Kong days and yes I can see TWO of my sons in bikini’s… a mother’s dream!!! I thought your Hidden Little Gem list was a marvellous idea and suggested Phil gets some yoiung Mum here to do one here on London esp with the Olympic Games coming up. Has Charlotte seen your Acid Reflux post?

    • Ha ha ha! You must have had some great times growing up with two such fun characters! Yes. Charlotte has seen the blog. I hope it helps. Maybe Phil can hit Helen Cutt up for a London mom post. I’m sure she’s still super hip even after popping out those pups…

  2. One of my favorite shots… Ryan is blitzed and at the height of silliness. He always wondered at the Hofmeyer brothers’ predilection to dressing up in women’s clothes. It also reminds me of the open air double decker trolley we rode up and down HK for Ryan’s birthday. Good times 🙂 Thanks Phil.

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