Pregnancy Update – Week 11

I’m happy to report that there is absolutely nothing to report right now. Yesterday we had our monthly check up which included an unexpected ultrasound. Normally our doctor just uses a little wand to listen to the heart beat but I guess it’s a bit confusing to find two heart beats.

The babies have grown quite a bit since the last time we saw them. Instead of just a little dot on the ultrasound we were able to see real babies. Heart rates were normal. Brains were developing equally on both sides. The nuchal fold, or fluid in the back of the neck which can screen for down syndrome, was normal. There were four arms and four feet. There were two placentas. There was a thick line between the two babies.

Since we do not want to find out the sex of the babies before they are born, our doctor says we will have no way of telling if they are identical or fraternal until birth.

Even though it’s our third time, it is still a miracle to see those tiny little babies up on the screen.

Since I’ve been pregnant, my skills as a human being, mother and wife have suffered. Before my hard working husband would come home to a nice, warm, healthy home cooked meal at night. Now he’s forced to forage in the fridge or freezer for whatever can fill him up. I’m too tired. And by the time I cook something myself I don’t want to eat it anymore. I think my cravings are on speed.

After seeing the ultrasound I’m pleased to know that at least somewhere, deep on a cellular level, I am still functioning well.

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