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Ever since we’ve had kids we have seriously lost touch with the new and hip places to eat out. Chicago is such a foodie city that you could eat at a new place every day and still not see all it has to offer.

We tend to go back to the same places, kid friendly places within walking distance where we know the food is good. But this weekend we branched out and tried two new places, DMK Burger Bar and Jam ‘n Honey.

We had heard about DMK from a few other people and decided to give it a go. It’s got quite a late night vibe to it, with a large open space in the middle. The kids spent most of the time we were there running up and down this large open space dancing to club-like tunes. At one point the staff (a group of young, good looking student types) were all dancing along with them. For this alone I was sold on the place. Unfortunately I don’t think the food matched my newfound healthy eating habits. (My new eating habits are a whole ‘nother blog, coming soon.)

My husband is quite the burger connoisseur so his review holds a lot of weight. He ordered the Number 1. Aged Chedder, Smoked Bacon, Charred Balsamic Red Onions, Rufus Teague’s BBQ Sauce. It was okay. A bit too BBQ saucy. But he loved the beer menu. My Veggie and Grain burger without cheese, aka Number 12 was delish. The other stuff we ordered, Truffle Fries, Mac and Cheese (one of four types), were all extremely rich. After we got home everyone was dying of thirst, a sure sign there was way too much salt.

This morning we hit Jam ‘n Honey. When we first got there the staff looked very confused and the waitress took quite a long time to come greet us. I was started to remember why we stuck to all our usual restaurants. However, after the initial confusion, we were very pleased with the food and service. Both kids absolutely loved the huge jar of Nutella on the table. After breakfast we went to the park. On our way back home, around 11:30am, here was the scene in front of Jam ‘n Honey…

A 'Jammed' Jam n' Honey

Kind of makes me want to open up a brunch place. You know, with all my spare time. We are obviously dying for more in the area.

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