First, Second and Third Nights of Hanukah

Given the recent gambling rage at our house, it seemed fitting that the Hanukah Bears started off their first night of mischief with a gambling themed scene.

Bear’s Craps Night

The Bears were dressed in gambling themed onesies, with help from Jack the day before.

Can you Guess Which Slogan is for Which Kid?

The four shirts said, “I’ve seen my hand, You should quit”, “World’s Okayiest Player”, “I Bought This Shirt With Your Money”, and “I Don’t Gamble, I Invest in the Outcome of the Game.”

I was able to find lots of cool chocolate coins at World Market.

Chocolate Dollars and Coins

That night, after Adam got home from a work dinner, we lit the candles and opened presents.

Thanks to Hebrew School, the Twins were able to Recite the Special Prayer for the First Night of Hanukah.

Afterwards, we got straight down to gambling away the chocolate coins stolen from the bear’s gambling scene with some rounds of the dreidel game.

Aaron eats so many Chocolate Coins he quickly has none left to play the game!

The next morning, the kids woke up to more Bear mischief….

Mustache Mischief. Ben Looks so Unhappy with his Fu Man Chu!

Later, after school and after the twins soccer practice, we went for a family dinner to celebrate my birthday at our traditional family birthday dinner restaurant.

Ben Drank TWO Shirley Temples and was in the Bathroom when we took the Picture

We also ate my birthday cake tonight, a Chocolate Ganache cake. I used my new plates that my sister got me for my birthday. I didn’t realize I needed them but have used them every single day since they arrived.

Chocolate Ganache Cake from Lutz Bakery

We also opened more presents and spent some time enjoying them.

Sam Opened his 100 Magnetic Balls Tonight
Ben Opened Pokeman Cards while Jack and Adam built Aaron’s new Gaming Chair

The next morning, the Bears were at it again, taking metals and bibs from our recent Turkey Trot run.

The Bears Wear the Boys Bibs and Finish in the Same Order as the Boys Did

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