Ben’s Break

Ben had a week and a half off between regular school and summer school. It happened while the other three kids were in school, so we were free to putz around doing things Ben enjoys most.

And what does Ben enjoy most? Art and food.

In regards to art, we tried to approach it at all angles. We checked out the Art Institute one day, which currently has an amazing exhibition of Cezanne. We also did the Immersive Van Gogh exhibit. Finally, we did a Street Art Tour.

Van Gogh Self Portrait
Van Gogh Immersive Exhibit
Street Art Tour with Brian

Ben was really jazzed after spending time at the Art Institute. From Cezanne, he observed how much layering goes into painting a really good piece. He also noticed how Monet painted the light in a painting, so even if you couldn’t see the sun, you knew where it was positioned in the sky based on the paint strokes and color. Seeing Van Gogh’s self portrait, Ben had an aha moment. We talked about how miserable Van Gogh looked in the painting. As soon as Ben got home, he wanted to try to paint emotion.

Self Portrait of Anger

Besides seeing art, Ben spend many hours creating art.

Painting and Clay Sculptures have taking over the Dining Table

Most days food followed art, maybe a new lunch place or an old favorite, maybe a special treat for the day.

SweetGreens Salad, My Favorite Lunch
Soul and Smoke’s Ribs and Grits at Time Out Market
Dove’s Lunchette for Brisket and Hash
Voges Chocolate Truffle Latte
Insomnia Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich

Ben also played soccerfest this past weekend. His team won one game and lost one game, and he had the full fan base there to see it all.

Ben at Soccer Fast

I hope he had an enjoyable break. Because he has so few days off of school, I try extra hard to make every day count.

Stencil Street Art by Poetry By Boots

Tomorrow he starts summer session. Also tomorrow, my other three kids start their summer break.

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