Spring Break 2022

This year we flew back to Florida for Spring Break.

If someone asked me where the ideal location for a second home would be, I’m not sure I would reply 1,300+ miles away, but since my sister and I have inherited this place, I’ve grown to crave my visits here.

This time we started the trip with two extra boys. Jack had his two friends join us for the first half of the trip.

Some people think this would make the trip harder, but it actually makes it a lot easier. No matter what the activity, there was always someone who was game to join.

We spent a ton of time at a new park down the street that opened recently.

They have tennis courts, basketball courts, pickleball and volleyball.

What is tennis with three people to a side? Not singles, not doubles, must be triples?
Volleyball lesson

We also swam in many pools…

Grandpa’s Pool
Japo’s Pool

Another day, Adam took the older boys to play golf.

Sometimes we just went out on the street in front of the house, something we could never do in the city. We would play basketball with one of the many neighbor’s nets set up on the street. We also flew kites, got our plane flyers caught on other peoples roofs and palm trees, and had ‘gun’ plane duels.

Number one!
The challenge, demand satisfaction
If they apologize, no need for further action
Number nine!
Look him in the eye, aim no higher
Summon all the courage you require
Then count
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Number – Ten paces! – Fire!
Many games of Catan this week

With all this activity, we deserved a few nice meals and treats.

Waiting for our 8 top at Max’s Grille
Cherry Smash

We spent a lot of time with Grandpa. I’m not sure who enjoys Grandpa’s company more, the kids or me. Some days he came over and spent time with us, sometimes he babysat so Adam and I could act like adults. He also joined us for Passover.

Drawing with Grandpa
Jack wanted to show Grandpa, an aerospace engineer, his flyer.
As required by the youngest child on Passover, Aaron recited the four questions perfectly in Hebrew and English.

I was also lucky to see many of my childhood friends this week, some who I’ve kept in touch with and some who I reunited with this trip.

Mini Boca High reunion
I attended school with Tony from 4th grade until 12th grade.
We roped Cousin Jackie into the fun this week – with Kate and Jess.

After Jack’s buddies left, we ran around doing all the stuff we loved to do when we visit Florida.

Heading to our favorite snorkel spot, Blue Heron Bridge.
Lunch at Luff’s

In addition to all the treats we had on our own, we were also spoiled by people bringing treats over all week. My Aunt Doris brought over a huge apple pie, my next door neighbors wife (who used to own a bakery) gave us cookies and pound cake, and my father’s wife spoiled us with burger bombs and seder cookies.

It was such a sunny, social, and athletic vacation that coming back to overcast, snowy Chicago was a real shock to the system. I’m missing Florida already.

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