Valentine’s Day 2021

Like most holidays during this pandemic, Valentine’s Day was a muted version of what it once was.

We started the morning with special waffles and heart shaped strawberries.

My favorite part of the day was opening my many cards from all my kids. (I’m pretty sure the oldest one was strong armed under duress to make one for me.)

But during the day, it was just another day full of putzing around the house. Besides copious amounts of time spent on electronics, some of the kids spent their time carving soap and having bubble baths.

Oh, and Aaron made his life plan…

In the evening, we tried to order king crab from three different places, but we struck out on all of them. I’m sure this is due to the ever changing uncertainty restaurants are facing at this time. So we ate at home, and promised ourselves we would wait for another time to have a crab feast. If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s to be more patient and flexible.

And creative! Aaron finds his disco ball and we end the evening dancing to “Saturday Night Fever.”

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