CPS Strike

Why haven’t I been blogging, you ask?

Well, it’s complicated. It involves over a month of either sick kids or the Chicago Public School Strike, which lasted 11 days.

Even after the strike, the kids had another three days off the following week.

Aaron told me the other day that he has missed so much school, he will probably have to repeat the second grade!

So what did we do while the strike was on?

We had playdates. Lots of playdates with other kids.

And we also played with each other.

There was a lot of dress up play.

Watch out Bunny, the Grim Reaper is coming for you.
Going postal on each other.

Or going for Pokemon Go walks together.

They even helped with the shopping.


We finished the homework packet that was given out in preparation for the strike.

And moved our science fair project along.

We also visited a pumpkin patch.

And took advantage of free Museum days.

First at the Museum of Science and Industry.

Building a catapult. Must have gotten the idea from the science fair project above…

Then at the Field Museum.

It was nice to be with the kids, but exhausting too. Normally by November I feel like I’m all caught up from ignoring everything I am suppose to do over the summer, but this year, I’m still feeling behind.

As of today, I have two weeks to pack in all the stuff I should have been doing all last month, then it’s time for Thanksgiving break…

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