Trip to NC

Last week for Spring Break we drove TEN LONG hours to North Carolina to visit my sister.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a sucker for time with family. I will jump huge hurdles to spend more time with them and I’ve yet to find an amount of time that feels like too much.

And this was a very special visit because not only did I get to see my sister and her entire family but my father was going to be there as well!

Grandpa with all his children, their spouses and all of his grandchildren.

Grandpa with all his children, their spouses and all of his grandchildren.

The entire week before the trip Jack woke up every day counting down the days until he could be with Grandpa Devensky again.

We packed up the minivan full of our stuff, games, iPads, movies and snacks and headed out last Wednesday for the first of 4 days of driving.

The kids love to sleep in hotels, mostly because of the free sugary breakfast and the hotel pool.

Hotel wrestling.

Hotel wrestling.

Hotel Pool.

Hotel Pool.

We used the pool the morning before the second half of the drive down and I think it calmed them out and made the drive much more manageable.

When we arrived we went straight to Aunt Lara’s. There the kids were entertained with the few toys Lara had left in the house.DSC_0613 DSC_0616 DSC_0617

Some of the toys were Lara and Brent’s toys that they use now!DSC_0584 DSC_0576

Ben was waiting for weeks to see Uncle Brent’s shark tooth collection.DSC_0607

Brent had the kids in rapture with all the fun things he showed them. First he started exploding things.DSC_0603

Then he decided it would be fun to launch Ben’s Imaginext toys out of his leaf blower. They competed to see whose would go the furthest.DSC_0618

And he had other uses for that leaf blower too. They were begging for more ‘wind showers’!DSC_0628I think this was the moment when Brent took over as favorite family member to spend time with. Sorry Grandpa.

After a meal at Aunt Lara’s, we headed up to Brent’s family’s cabin, where we would be staying for the next three days. DSC00483

We selfishly took Grandpa with us.

The kids settled right into playing pool with Grandpa in the basement.DSC_0635

Really it didn’t matter what they did, Grandpa can find ways to entertain them with absolutely no props!DSC_0608

That next afternoon we had lunch on Main street, then hit the Mast General for some old fashioned candy.DSC_0640

Afterwards, we walked off that candy at a hike called Water Knob.DSC_0641

Last time we were here it was fog as far as you could see. It was great to actually get a view this time!DSC00339

That evening Adam and I hosted a Passover Seder. We forgot the shank bone and the Seder plate but it was really nice to just have a meal with so much family around.

Making Matzoh Ball Soup

Making Matzoh Ball Soup

Saturday we hiked again, this time around Lake Junaluska.DSC_0662 DSC_0671

Sam threw up the night before so we dropped him at Lara’s and took the rest of the kids. Sam got Brandy all to himself.

That evening Lara organized a major shindig at the cabin we were staying at.

Saturday Night Party

Saturday Night Party Goers

I even managed to have my college buddy, Jennie, and her family over.DSC00423

Her boys are close in age to mine and they quickly took up a game of hide and seek.

When Clay showed up it turned into a different game – college aged cousins and significant others verses the kids. The college aged cousins were done for, except for Clay who wrestled in high school and could miraculously hold off 6 growing boys at once.DSC00438

Brandy handed out Easter Egg baskets to all the boys.

Brandy handed out Easter Egg baskets to all the boys.

Sunday we planned an Easter Egg hunt for our boys.

DSC_0768 DSC_0769 DSC_0771 DSC_0774

Checking out the spoils.

Checking out the spoils.

Lara and Brent also had lots of other stuff ready for us to play with – fishing, feeding the ducks and the donkey, and Frisbee. I was surprised my kids wanted to fish but I think it’s because Uncle Brent suggested it. I’m pretty sure if he told them to cliff dive they would do it. DSC_0719


Feeding the ducks by sling shot. They balled bread up and slung it into the pond!


IMG_E0178It was a beautiful trip. Watching the kids explore nature, having so many family members around me, and forcing Adam to take some time off work. It was a trifecta of holidays.

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