First Day of School

Last Tuesday, half of the lives of the people in this house changed forever.

The twins started kindergarten.DSC_0793

My mother could barely contain her excitement! She restrained herself from calling me to find out how it went.

A day later, I finally called and told her.

Sam was so nervous that he woke up at 2am the night before and never went back to bed.

Aaron slept well, woke early and had his clothes, shoes and backpack on my 7am and was asking when we were leaving. (School doesn’t start until 9!)

Afterschool I asked Camila to pick them up. I did tell Sam and Aaron about it but it was a lot of new experiences so maybe they didn’t hear me.

At 4pm I got facetimed by Camila. When I answered, Sam was crying hysterically. He said the teacher told him I was going to pick him up and he was not leaving until I came and got him!

Finally she coaxed him into the stroller and I met him at home.

Sam couldn’t remember anything that happened that day. He also left his lunchbox at school.

Aaron, on the other hand, told me everything he learned. Don’t open the kindergarten door for any reason, even if someone knocks. If you have to go potty durning story time, they will not rewind the story. He even managed to get a free school lunch!

The next morning I spoke to Sam’s classroom aide who said he was wandering around like a zombie on the first day, eyes half closed but refusing to sleep.

The twins are in separate classes and so far it seems their schedule does not have any overlap. This is a language school and they have started a nine year study towards fluency in Mandarin.

The twins finally starting school also means a big change for me. After 10 years of not having any time by myself unless I paid for it or begged it from my husband, I get 6 glorious hours to myself every day, 5 days a week, for 10 months a year.

That morning I got emails and text from many well wishers on my new found freedom.

What will I do with all this free time? Stay tuned loyal readers, stay tuned….

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